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What is the IAMNOT CLUB?

IAMNOT is devoted to create beauty that advocate a creative atmosphere and cultural environment without any restriction. Just as we freed Coco from the notion of “cool”, ZOU from “sweet” and YULIA from “typical”, IAMNOT would like to care for urban girls as a community.

We work both online and offline. We gather accessories designers, art collaborations and international cooperation as a whole and would like to push forward the diversity of aesthetics to a higher level. We believe that to hold a skeptical attitude or to be a rebel at heart doesn't necessarily require a lifestyle of total isolation. IAMNOT would like to help the girls to seek for the right companion or the role model who can motivate improvement together. In this case, we carry the value of creativity and originality forward.

Not only do we work with KOLs on online contents, we also throw offline projects such as seminars, saloons, cocktail party and product-oriented activities. IAMNOT sees itself as an open club. We offer what’s the most interesting and the most creative, wanting to encourage girls to find their own style and statements.